Vittorio Musazzi

v_musazzi_photo-webVittorio Musazzi
ENTSOG General Manager

Vittorio Musazzi graduated in mechanical engineering and joined Snam in 1984.

He gained his first experience in Technical Department in the field of material normalisation for natural gas pipelines and plants.

In 1992 he moved into regional operations, where he assumed the role of manager responsible for the Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta Zone from 1994-1997.

He moved back to Headquarters Offices, where he handled plant and material concepts for the operation and construction of networks, development of information systems for network management and he took part in the restructuring phase of both professional roles and the organisational structures of gas transmission operations.

From 2001, he has been Head of the Innovation unit at Snam Rete Gas, dealing with matters concerning the study and introduction of new technologies for operation of the network, the safety of natural gas pipelines and plants and exchanges of technical information with other European gas companies.

In December 2003, he was appointed Director of Health, Safety, Environment and Technologies and from August 2005, he has held the role of Construction Director, ensuring the carrying out of investments in Italy.

He has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GNL Italia since July 2008.

The General Assembly under the recommendation of the ENTSOG Board decided to designate Vittorio Musazzi as general Manager for his second term, which will expire on December 31st 2015.

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