Martin Novšak


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, Technical Faculty, University of Maribor, Slovenia, 1982
  • Masters of Business Administration, Brdo 1992





Krško Nuclear Power Plant, 1982 – 2005

Started with training for operation licence and successfully obtain Senior Operating Licence in 1983. Serving Air forces for the year 1984. Working as Reactor Operator in main control room and shift engineer from 1985 to 1987. 1987 take responsibility of Shift Supervisor being responsible for Plant Operation.

1988 promoted to Operations Manager with responsibility for Plant Operations Department including plant safe operation, outage management, operations personal selection and promotion.

1991 leading project group for establishing Engineering organisation to support long term plant operational, maintenance and investment needs.

From 1992 to 2005 served as Engineering Services Division Director and Shift Engineer position.

As Engineering Services Division Director was responsible for developing long-range goals, objectives, programs, planning, implementing and monitoring of projects and systems, budgeting, staff supervision, training; modification process, maintaining Krško NPP documents; preparing and submitting technical data for licensing process and coordination of all supporting organizations for licensing.

Directs preparation, conduct and coordination of safety and probabilistic analyses, support of procurement process, and design base documentation.

Duties include conduct of design modifications; project organizations; coordination and efficient implementation of all activities related to fuel management and reactor engineering; Emergency Plan development, maintenance and documentation; effective operational and industry experience feedback.

Related activities include in-house contract and proposal evaluation; organization of, and participation in, technical conferences, interfacing with other international organizations and the local authority.

Directs the efforts of Krško Modernization Project, i.e. steam generators’ replacement, power uprate and full scope simulator.

Serves in technical committees and attends regional, national and international meetings at IAEA, WANO, INPO.

GEN energija, 2005 –

Director of electricity production and selling company GEN energija. GEN energija is the owner of 50% of Krško Nuclear Power Plant; owner of the Brestanica gas power station, hydro power plants Savske Elektrarne Ljubljana and owner of 33,5% of HESS hydroelectric power company. GEN energija also owns 50% of trade company GEN-I.


Previous assignments with the Krško NPP include:

– Operations Department Superintendent            1988 – 1992

– Shift Supervisor                                                        1988

– Shift Engineer                                                            1985 – 1987

– Surveillance Testing Engineer                                 1985

– Assistant Operations Engineer                                1983 – 1984

– Director of engineering and nuclear oversight     1992 – 2005


  • IEEE
  • European Nuclear Society – ENS
  • NEK WOG and ANS representative
  • Foratome
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