Jože Špiler

Joze Spiler-webCV – Summary

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Ljubljana.
  • 30 years of experience at Krško NPP in Comercial Nuclear Energy Development including Engineering, Safety, Licensing and Accident Management,
  • Head of Technical Sector and Investments at GEN Energija, with responsibility for planning and preparatory activities for nuclear new build in Slovenija – Krsko 2 project.


  •  (1977) B.Sc., Electro (B.Sc.5year university program )
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1988 Nuclear Station Enginneering Course – Westinghouse Training Center
  • 1989 Managers Programme – IEDC-Bled School of Management
  • 1991 Senior Reactor Operator Licence (SRO licence) – Westinghouse Training Center


  • 1978 – 1982        Startup engineer.
  • 1982 – 1988        Safety and licencing engineer.
  •  1988 – 2005        Technical services manager with the responsibility for plant safety, fuel management, reactor operation surveillance activities and plant documentation.
  •  1992 – 2002        Shift Technical Advisor.
  •  2006 –               Manager planning and preparatory activities for the construction of the new nuclear power plant in Slovenia – Krško 2.

Lecturer at several different IAEA training courses in the area of nuclear safety and licensing and participation at different IAEA advisory missions.

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