On the 2nd June 2016 WEC – Slovenia organised a colloquium on gas market, gas security, gas infrastructure and gas pricing under the umbrella of the Energy policy consideration IV. The event is titled “EPC IV-A – Gas pricing”. The event took place at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Dimičeva 13, Ljubljana. The participants in the discussion were representatives of the Energy Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Energy Agency, the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, Embassy of Hungary, Plinovodi d.o.o. and Energy Chamber of Slovenia.
The colloquium speakers discussed a present and estimated future gas prices in Europe, the options of gas delivered to European and regional market, present and predicted gas consumption in Europe and future gas market models in general. The discussion was oriented on gas price competition between LNG (liquid natural gas) and natural gas from European and Russian sources as well other important gas sources for European market. In this view the planned infrastructure was discussed and opportunity of their realizing.
The debates confirmed volatility nature of gas market and unpredictable gas prices. The gas market is taking a new shape and dimension, the risks are crucial for all decision makers. The new dimensions of the market force traditional market players to change their behaviour, especially traditional trading policies. They force a transition of gas economy and consequently gas companies in traditional gas supplying countries to revolutionary changes.
New gas market conditions in Europe change gas flows significantly. New investments in gas sector and new routes are needed, especially in case when existing will be abandoned. Europe is able to import LNG in sufficient quantities. New investments in terminals could play cap-pricing role, but could also increase the risks of low utility rate of terminal and cause a rise of tariffs.

Participants to discussion in colloquium: Anna Galkina, Franc Žlahtič, Danijel Levičar, Danijel Črnčec, Jurij Vertaćnik, Tamara Weingerl-Požar, Duška Godina, Mojca Španring, Dennis Hesseling, Boyko Nitzov, excellency Edit Szilágyiné Bátorfi, Andor F. Dávid, Marjan Eberlinc, Franc Šefman, Oton Gortnar, Jan Šinigoj, Matjaž Sušnik, Darko Weiss, Dejan Koletnik, Anton Colarič, Klemen Vehovar.