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Konferenca bo potekala v dveh delih:

10:00: Prvi dopoldanski del konference

Global and EU Energy policy:

Prof. Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation and Director of Loyola de Palacio Energy Policy Programme
Energy policy: Global energy framework and European Energy policy in the future
Alberto Pototschnig, Director, Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, on his behalf Marko Senčar, Seconded National Expert
Energy markets and regulatory issues: Regulation, Energy markets and their future.
Dr. Romana Jordan, Slovenian Member of the European Parliamentary Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats), Member of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE)
EU Energy policy: Present and future state of the European Energy policy in the scope of the EU Parliament
Damien Meadows, EU Commission, Directorate-General Climate Action, Director for European and International Carbon Markets, Advisor as an alternative to Mary Veronika Tovšak Pleterski, director
Energy and Climate: ETS as driving force of Energy policy: The opportunities and ETS assignments
Dr. Dan Rieser, Deputy Director of WEC Studies, London
Energy future: Energy scenarios from WEC point of view
Dr. Stefan Ulreich, energy policy person in E.ON and adviser to the WEC-Vice Chair for Europe, London
Energy industries: European energy policy from the view of energy industries and WEC
Dr. France Križanič, EIP, Ljubljana
Energy analyses: Energy market analyses in macroeconomic view
13:00: Drugi popoldanski del konference

Regional and national energy policies:

Bojan Kumer, State Secretary, Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia
National energy policy: A framework for energy policy – Slovenian energy road-map until 2030
Slavtcho Neykov, Independent Energy Expert, Bulgaria
Regional energy cooperation: Reality and Challenges
Prof. Peter Kaderjak, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Corvinus University of Budapest
Regional energy issues: Regional energy policies in a framework of European energy
Dr. Boris Žitnik, director or his deputy prof. dr. Maks Babuder, Milan Vidmar Electric Power Institute, Ljubljana
Renewables: Renewables as reality and opportunity
Dr. Goran Granić, director, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb
Energy as cooperation: Croatians experiences entering EU and national energy road until 2050 
Dr. Franci Cimerman, director, Plinovodi d.o.o., Ljubljana
Gas: Gas transmission network development programs
Aleksander Mervar, Deputy Director, Eles, d.o.o., Ljubljana, on his behalf Uroš Salobir, Assistant to the director of Asset Management Division
Electricity: Network development and costs
Irena Praček, director, Energy Agency of the Republic of Slovenia
Role of NRA: Do the energy regulatory constrains appear in economy recession?
prof. Dr. Alojz Poredoš, University Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on his behalf prof. Dr. Andrej Kitanovski
Local energy: Remote energy as a challenge
Dr. Bojan Štumberger, University of Maribor, Faculty of Energy Technology
Energy knowledge: Human resources needed for energy policy realization
Dr. Matjaž Eberlinc, HSE – Holding Slovenske elektrarne
Sustainable energy: Problems and challenges in investments