Dejan Koletnik

Dejan Koletnik-webMag. Dejan Koletnik is the Vice-president of the Slovenian District Energy Association and currently working as a Compliance Officer at company PLINOVODI (Transmission system operator for natural gas in Slovenia) which acts under the ITO model established pursuant to Third Energy Package.

Before he joined Plinovodi in 2012, he was for 10 years engaged as Head of natural gas and district heating department at the Slovenian energy regulatory authority where his priority activities were related to the establishment of a competitive natural gas market in Slovenia. This work included activities related to setting up economic regulation of the public service system operators of natural gas transmission and distribution networks, monitoring the operation of the natural gas market, and international co-operation with the European institutions and regulatory authorities in the energy sector (European Commission, ERGEG, ACER, the Energy Community, etc.)

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