Mojca Kert

Mojca Kert-webMojca Kert, Managing Director of the company Petrol Energetika d.o.o.

Mojca Kert graduated from Mechanical Engineering. She started her career in the former Ravne Steelworks /Železarna Ravne/. Since 1997, she has been successfully running the company which has undergone an intensive development and transformation cycle to become Petrol Energetika, d.o.o. that we know today. She is engaged in development of industrial and local energy sector, joining them into a successful business model of an overall supply of consumers with different types of energy and services tailored to consumers’ specific requirements. Along the lines of practices abroad, she was,together with her closest co-workers, among the first in Slovenia to implement business operations according to Multi Utility model into practice which in a way of creating public&private partnerships, financing by a third party and energy contracting allows accelerated development of energy infrastructures, introduction of measures for efficient use and renewable energy sources.She is the Chair of the Governing Board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the regional Chamber of Carinthia, and a member of several Governing Boards, Supervisory Boards and professional associations. On her professional and managerial path, she has received together with a team of innovative and committed co-workers several awards and prizes, among these also the award received from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia for the most outstanding economic and entrepreneurial achievements.

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