Kresimir Bakic

K.Bakic EPC4Kresimir Bakic is power engineering expert with 40 years of experiences in power system planning, development, economy of systems, interconnection designing systems, optimization of VAR compensation, OHL designing, construction and monitoring systems, DLR, system regulation and last years in standardization of OHLs and conductors issues. After graduated at University of Ljubljana in 1975, he was with Electric Power Researching Institute Milan Vidmar, as Head of the Power System Planning, with University of Ljubljana in education process between 1980 and 1992, and after 2003 as senior Adviser with ELES, Slovenian TSO.

As principal investigator he has made over 150 technical studies and over 100 papers published on conferences and meetings as well scientific magazines, text books for students, vocabularies, and history files of electricity. For many years he was regular member of CIGRE Study Committee for System Development and Economy, where he received (in 2004) the CIGRE Technical Committee Award for his outstanding contribution in the work of area for Development and Economy of Systems. Last ten years as chairman he contributed a lot in creation of new National and European standards for overhead lines.

He is chairman of the National Association of Electric Power engineers, CIGRE and CIRED, and from 2014 the first chairman of newly established South East European Region of CIGRE (SEERC).

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