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Energy Policy Consideration – Razmislek o energetiki

National Energy Roadmaps to the 2050 – Nacionalni energetski kažipoti v 2050


Ljubljana, April 24. 2015

 The response after the conferences in 2013 and 2014 in Slovenia and abroad has encouraged us to organize a new event under the main title Energy Policy Consideration. There are several current themes in the energy field to be discussed, therefore an open and thorough dialogue between domestic energy policy-makers is necessary and forms a basis for the unification of external viewpoints, as well as equal inclusion within the European Union’s Energy Policy. Furthermore, the national energy policy should be based on national consensus, thus become more conscious and ambitious regarding opportunities.

The European economy is more than ever merging with world economies. Some of these still astonish with economic growth and the associated energy consumption. Consequently, energy requirements and consumption still stand before climate goals. The strategic battle for energy resources throughout the world still unwinds over the long-term and is not regulated according to market or economic ‘win-win’ principles. The European Union’s Energy Policy requires focusing on its globally exposed economy, which needs a stable long-term direction in the field of energy policy as well, therefore demands for its alterations and adaptations are becoming clearer. Furthermore, this means that the Energy Union is necessary for the concerted implementation of a carbon-free future. The 2015 COP 21 United Nations Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris set an ambitious goal: the conclusion of binding climate goals. Moreover, these are an important part of the energy policy.

The conference will focus on current topics concerning energy policies and everything necessary in order to attain binding domestic energy and climate goals. This task shall be fulfilled within the framework of the Energy Concept of Slovenia (ECS), which must embark on a strategy not only limited by national borders, therefore the subject matters at the conference will include all energy sector fields. The national binding goals represent the basis, whereas ways how to achieve these represent a challenge for different fields and, of course, their stakeholders. The objective of the conference is to gather their opinions on how to reach these goals, where ambitiousness must prevail over problems, which are not part of the national energy sector as a matter of fact, whereas find answers to the following questions:


  1. When, who and what must be done at national level?
  2. What needs to be implemented by the energy sector in order to reach the 2050 goals?
  3. Proposal on the mechanisms, investments and incentives to be taken in order to attain these goals.
  4. What are the advantages for costumers and the society?



9.00   Morning Part

9.00     Registration and Reception of Participants

9.30    Conference Opening and Addresses


Session I:


9.45 – 12:45 What Does the Energy Union Offer?




12.45 – 12.30 Lunch


12:30   Afternoon Part

Session II:

12:30 – 15:20 Let Us Create the National Energy Policy Ambitiously and Actively!

  • Energy Concept of Slovenia
  • National Energy Aspects
  • Regulatory Frameworks to Achieve National Climate and Energy Goals
  • Energy Markets (sustainability, security, competitiveness, market models)
  • Energy Use and Supply
  • Energy Networks (electricity, natural gas, long-distance heating and cooling)
  • New Technologies and Service Development Trends for Efficient Energy Use



15.20 – 15.35 Conference Conclusions with a Discussion


15.35 – 18.00 Closing Program/Exchange of Ideas