Lecturers EPC1

Damien Meadows, Advisor, EU Commission, Directorate-General Climate Action as an alternative to Mary Veronika Tovšak Pleterski, Director for European and International Carbon Markets
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Dr. Matjaž Eberlinc, HSE – Holding Slovenske elektrarne
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Bojan Kumer, državni sekretar, Ministrstvo za infrastrukturo in prostor
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Dr. Goran Granić, director, Energetski Inštitut Hrvoje Požar, Zagreb
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Irena Praček, director, Agencija Republike Slovenije za energijo
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Dr. Stefan Ulreich, Energy policy person in E.ON and Adviser to the WEC-Vice Chair for Europe, London
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Marko Senčar, Seconded National Expert, Agency for the Cooperation
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Prof. Jean-Michel Glachant, Director of the Florence School of Regulation and Director of Loyola de Palacio Energy Policy Programme
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Marjan Eberlinc, General Manager, Plinovodi d.o.o.
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Dr. Romana Jordan, Electrical Engineering, M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering.
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Slavtcho Neykov, Head of the EU Liaison Office, Deputy CEO, PETROLEUM INDUSTRY OF SERBIA
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Dr. France Križanič, EIPF, Ekonomski inštitut Pravne fakultete, Ljubljana
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Dr. Franc Žlahtič, President WEC MC Slovenia
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Mr. Dan A. Rieser Deputy Director, Scenarios, at the World Energy Council (WEC).
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Izr. prof. dr. Bojan Štumberger, dekan, Univerza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za energetiko
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Dr. Franc Cimerman, Plinovodi d.o.o., Ljubljana
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Dr. Andrej Kitanovski
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Uroš Salobir, ELES, Assistant to the director of Asset Management Division
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prof. dr. Maks Babuder, EIMV, Deputy Director
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