Bojan Luskovec

Bojan Luskovec EPC4Bojan Luskovec, M.Sc., Chairman of the Board

Bojan Luskovec, M.Sc. is an Electrical Engineer, Bachelor of Economics and Master of Science in Management. He started his career in 1975 in Elektro Gorenjska, where he has worked in various technical fields, measurements, operation and maintenance of electric power system and thus obtained numerous practical skills and experiences. So far he has collaborated in several reorganization and optimization projects in the distribution company. In 2009 he became a consultant of the management on technical matters and strategy and he outlined the development path in the field of smart meters and adaptation of the company’s operations to the conditions of electricity market deregulation. In September 2014 the supervisory board of Elektro Gorenjska appointed him the chairman of the board for the next four years. He is an active member of the working groups dealing mainly with current topics of the electricity distribution system at the strategic level.

In mid-July 2015 he started his two-year mandate conducting the Economic Interest Grouping of Electricity Distribution.

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