Andrej Kitanovski

Andrej Kitanovski-wecAndrej Kitanovski is an associate professor at the University of Ljubljana. He is an active member of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), a founder of the Magnetic Cooling Working party of the IIR, member of Slovenian Academic Society for Engineering and Natural Sciences, and member of Slovenian District Energy Association. He was a leader of the group »Energy Sources« of the Slovenian Competence Center for Sustainable Buildings, member of the Expert Council for Lisbon Strategy of the Slovenian Government, member of the Working Group for the Slovenian National Research Program, and others. He is involved as the reviewer in the well-established international journals: Applied Thermal Engineering, Energy and Buildings, International Journal of Refrigeration, Applied Physics Letters. For his research achievements, he has been awarded by Zois Certificate of Recognition of the Republic of Slovenia for research achievements, has obtained three recognitions by the International Institute of Refrigeration, and was a winner of the Swiss Technology Award in 2006. His research activities mainly involve investigations and development of new Caloric Energy Conversion technologies, Advanced heat transfer mechanisms and thermal storage systems, New solutions for the solar technologies, as well as the optimization of energy flows in District Energy Systems, supported by Renewable Energy Sources.

TITLE: Present and future opportunities for development and new products of Slovenian District Energy Systems

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