Alojz Poredos

Alojz Poredos-webAlojz Poredos, born in 1953 is full professor at University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He is head of Laboratory of Refrigeration and district Energy, Head of Research group for Refrigeration, Head of Research program Heat and Mass Transfer, Vice dean Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana 2005-2007, Member of board EuroHeat&Power, SDDE Slovenian district energy association – president, SDHK Slovenian HVAC association – former president, IIR Int. Institute of Refrigeration – vice president of commission EII, SAZU Scientific councillor, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Member of EASAC European Academies Science Advisory Council – Energy Steering Panel, Permanent reviewer in Int. Journal of Refrigeration and int. journal Energy conversion and management. His research activities regard the Heat and mass transfer, Refrigeration, Heat pumps, District heating and cooling, Absorption cooling, Magnetic refrigeration. He is involved in many international collaborations: Institut für Thermodynamik, Hannover, ZAE Bayern, Germany, University Prague, University Graz, Universite de Pau France, EIVD Yverdon Swiss, Iowa State University, Danish Technology University, Politehnika University Bucharest. The bibliography of Prof. Poredos comprises a number of contributions in JCR journals, books and papers at scientific and professional meetings. The latest scientific monograph was published by Springer Verlag on the new technology of the Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion.

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